Since 1882, true to the origin of its founders


The story of the Andes Reserve Vineyard dates back to more than one century and takes us back to the year 1882, when Italian immigrants founded the old Michel winery and planted the first vineyards in the district of Rodriguez Peña in Mendoza central valley, which is the main vine-growing region of the province.

Faithful to the origin of its founders, everything in the old Michel winery was European flavored. From the very beginning, the undertaking augured well for Rodriguez Peña, since the vineyard had an English generator which provided electricity to the town. During the first decades of the past century, production kept on growing in the hands of different families, who preserved the architectural style of the facilities, which are still shaded by the mud brick walls acting as a significant thermal insulation. And that same mud takes us to the land, where the legacy which has passed down from generation to generation was the care of our currently octogenarian vines, a source of pride as deep as its roots.

And all these years of winemaking tradition have recently passed on to the Andes Reserve. We undertook this commitment expanding the facilities and technology, starting a new growth path with a bottling line of 4,000 b/h and a storage capacity exceeding 1,000,000 liters in small tanks in order to enhance the blend of our wines.

In compliance with the highest quality and production standards, and supported by an ongoing investment plan in new winemaking and packaging and processing technologies, today, the Andes Reserve represents our ancestors' commitment, the gifts of nature, the technological breakthroughs, and a looking-forward vision that would not be possible without such noble past and such promising present.

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